Thursday, March 05, 2009

A brief list of today's doings

Today, Rael did the following:

-made bread, cinnamon rolls, chicken stock, and chicken salad
-ran an errand for Zach and retrieved Whit from MCA
-washed lot dishes
-tinkered on the piano a tad (which is more than she usually does)
-discussed the myth of preditory pricing, and how the government owes people green bubble gum
-inspected seedlings sprouting outside
-dumped compost
-anticipated the P&P-watching night
-listened to Mossflower
-washed more dishes
-laughed in pity when The Old Clunker (my old laptop which needs a better name) died on her twice in three minutes
-read a few promising parts of my novel
-laughed when the Mother brought home left-over food consisting largely of...chicken salad
-amused herself by lazily posting a list instead of a well-crafted series of sentences and paragraphs
-had so much fun writing in third person, she decided to leave before the Gollum-speech catches up to her, precious