About Me

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by!

My name is Rael.  I'm a Christian, a daughter, a sister to five brothers, a member of a dear church, and a girl who's learning to trust God - what an adventure!

I like puns, corny jokes, picnic tea parties, rain, pretending to speak in a Scottish accent, or any combination of the above. I also enjoy wearing cloaks.

My parents wanted to homeschool us kids before they knew it was called homeschooling, before they even had us.  I loved it!  Thanks to their excellent teaching, I had time to fall in love with and devour many books at a young age, spread my creative wings, and go on family camping trips in the middle of the school year.

I would love to teach my own children at home one day, to help them grow in love of our amazing God.  He reveals Himself in every area of study and life, if we only have eyes to see.  I'm learning still - homeschooling is for life, after all!

At any given moment, you might find me pounding at my keyboard, scribbling in my journal, stuck in a book (or a favorite blog), puttering in the kitchen, or perhaps sharing a pot of coffee with a good friend.

I also like Andrew Peterson, hobbits, and cheese.