Monday, August 06, 2012

Greetings from a new Georgian wife

(Note - Meant to blog much sooner! We do not have internet where we live, and besides we have been so busy learning how to be married, working, cooking, building stories, I've barely had time to write! I hope to remedy that once things settle down, because I long to share the many new and lovely things God has been doing in my life!)
Married to my John - March 17, 2012

Nearly five months ago, I married John. Every day since, I have marveled at the Lord’s goodness in giving me this man. My John is so kind, and tender and strong, and manly. We have read stories, built things, washed dishes, worked hard at this new thing called marriage. And this is only the beginning!

We still look at one another incredulously in odd moments and exclaim, “Wow, we’re married!” And yet, while it feels unreal at times and too good to be true, it also feels as if it has always been. We have been reborn, two joined as one, and our joyous new childhood has both blurred and focused all our life before. It has granted a measure of perspective. Many agonizing mysteries and trials of singlehood have now their stings removed, or shown to be good things after all.

As John says, we didn’t see the change coming – it happened so quickly, so orchestrated by the Lord, and only a year and a half ago we were both woefully single! We wish to comfort our dear unmarried friends – just because there seem to be no prospects in sight does not mean something isn’t about to Happen. Nor does it mean you are not allowed to make yourself available, if the Lord seems to be so leading, to helping that other lonely person find you. (insert plug for MarryWell, cough cough)

Camping in East Texas on our way to Georgia.  With its swamp, cypress trees, and owl cries, I was already getting a taste of sough Georgia! 

The Lord has opened up an opportunity for us to live in a little house about 40 minutes away from John’s parents (farther than we’d like, but not outrageous). The situation that led to this opportunity was astounding, and after prayer we decided to take it. Without giving details, I must say I have not yet grasped the depth of opportunity and blessing handed to us so graciously. The house sits on hundreds of acres, mostly wild, but also with orchards, a vineyard, a garden area, and lovely clearings bright green and dazzling with sunlight or blanketed in fog every morning

As Sam Gamgee says, we’ve fallen on our feet and no mistake! The challenge now is to be faithful stewards of all we’ve been given, more than enough to keep us busy and with lots of exercise out of doors!

This picture is months old. At the moment, those pear trees are drooping with the weight of huge pears.

Well, I'm off to the post office! Then back home to clean house, start laundry, and hopefully start on my next project - pear butter! Until next time, may the Lord bless and keep you!

~ Rael, now Mrs. D :-)