Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pendragon Clips Coming

In between sewing, cooking, cleaning, reading, and plotting out my next NaNoWriMo adventure, I've lately spent a bit too much time haunting certain film websites, particularly those for The Widow's Might and Pendragon; Sword of His Father.

Yesterday I was thrilled to learn that, over the next few weeks, Burns Family Studio will be releasing a few scenes from the film, culminating in a new trailer! They even have a "Countdown to Release" feature (currently at 23 days).

If you feel incline to support this Christian film with a $45 donation, you will receive a special copy of the film in the mail as soon as it's finished!

Until the Pendragon film arrives in our mailbox, I'll look forward to a special movie night, enjoying the benefits of this effort for excellence in Christian storytelling and filmmaking!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Columbus Day! (and Happy Thanksgiving, in Canada)

"In fourteen hundred and ninty-two
Columbus sailed the ocean blue"

And in two thousand and eight I have been grinding wheat, making bread, cleaning kitchen, making toast (butter, cinnamon, and sugar, on half a flat bread...Unique, yes. Tasty, yes!) and listening to Doug Phillips speak on How to Think Like a Christian. Whit has been in the kitchen with me, working on math, since he didn't have to go to school (Hurrah!). Very communal. I have my hermitish tendencies, but I actually do like people. Brothers especially. :-)

Vision Forum's
Behemoth has arrived! They have a few free downloads every day, which is where I aquired Doug Phillip's talk. I've also been eyeing several independent films...

Finally, a bit of writerly excitement. My current book, Melod's Song, has been moving along! Last week I finally wrote several scary scenes (frightening to me, because they needed to do so much and were so crucial to the story), and now am mainly filling in the gaps. Then it will be down to re-working the middle bits and editing and polishing, then, out into the wide wide world, to see if it can find a home with a publisher!

Shouldn't be any harder than sailing over an ocean to unknown lands, should it?

That is all I have to say,
So have a Thankful Columbus day!

(EDIT: Thanks to my Daddy, who noticed I at first had Columbus discovering the New World way back in the 1300s! Oops. That is now corrected. At least I got the nintey-two bit right...)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

When Christians Act Like Monsters

"God created us for his glory, He created us twice for His glory, once when we were born physically and once when we were born spiritually, and when we start doing things that are the opposite of glorifying God it's the opposite of what we were created for, what we are in essence. We are something alive trying to be dead again, and that sounds pretty monstrous to me."

~Catie G.~