Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Burden That Overcomes Fear


  1. Charity9:22 AM

    Rael dear,
    Would it be horribly cheating to just copy the quote into Word and change the font to find out what it says? Because I can do that... but I haven't yet... :)


  2. Dear Charity,

    I'm sorry about that! Did I fix it?

    ~mournfully blundering, Rael~

  3. Charity7:25 PM

    No, I thought you meant to post the quote in Webdings font just for fun, like a code, and that we were supposed to figure it out, not just copy and change the font. It is still in Webdings, but I will just use Word to find out what it actually says for now. :)

    ~Charity :)

  4. Oh, um, as much as I hate to admit I was not being so clever and fun; whatever I did was entirely an accident. :/ It's in regular letters on my computer...

    Ah well. I guess it will just stay in code. :-)