Saturday, October 13, 2007

A different sort of publisher

I came across a new publishing company called Marcher Lord Press from a link on Bryan Davis' blog. Their purpose is to publish Christian speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction, time travel, ect.), the books that are intriguing and well-written and lie outside the boundaries of normal Christian-bookstore fluff. Well, they don't call it fluff. But it's for those who like to read things other than romantic historical fiction. I'm excited to see what they'll release first! And I'll have to remember this publisher when I finish a certain manuscript...

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  1. Thanks for posting about Marcher Lord Press, Lady Rael.

    I invite you and your readers to visit the site: There, you can register for the amazing prizes we'll be giving away at the launch event next October. Every time someone registers for the drawing and names YOU as his or her referrer, YOUR name gets added to the drawing another time.

    So everybody get out there and refer people! The grand prize is TBD, but I've already received prizes or promises of prizes worth over $500.

    I think you and your readers will also be interested to visit my other site dedicated to Christian speculative fiction:

    Thanks again!

    Jeff Gerke
    Marcher Lord Press