Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Upcoming: Do Hard Things

Do you like challenging books? Like ordering things online? See my new sidebar banner?

This to let you all know about the revelutionary, eherm, Rebelutionary book coming out soon that specifially encourages and challenges teens to rebel against low expectations by doing hard things. I'm not a teenager anymore, technically, but have been very challenged by the Harris twins' message. I actually ordered the book from Barnes and Noble, since I had a gift card to use, but pre-ordering from Amazon will do loads to drive up the publicity. People need to know about this book. So, think about buying it.

(More about my life later. I am doing more than reading and ordering books. ;)

1 comment:

  1. Brett Harris3:34 AM

    Thanks so much for the link Rael! Our prayer is that God would bring this message in front of thousands upon thousands of people. This idea of a book drive is one way we're trying to be faithful with the message He's given us, and He's using people like you to spread the word and make it happen. Thanks again!