Friday, December 04, 2009

It actually did snow!

My lovely mother and I took a walk around the neighborhood this morning.  School and other things were canceled because of ice on the roads, so we got to enjoy the fresh lovely whiteness!  And as you can see, I decided such a walk called for a cloak and a bit of melodramatic excitement. 

Here are a few other pictures my mom took:  

Lots of trees had not lost their leaves yet, but they were falling this morning with the snow, like showers of lovely green and gold snow themselves, making such a loud pattering sound!

Beautiful and Christmas-like, eh?

Farewell for now!  I need to get back to work... and I think I need to finish off the snow ice cream.

1 comment:

    *sigh* and your cape
    is *gasp* GORGEOUS~ dear!!

    How are you?!

    Many Blessings~ Miss Jen