Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Quotation marks...or covers?

My quote book is practically full now, aside from a page or two with a bit of space left. Seeing it filled with scribbling is akin to finishing a journal, leaving one with a sort of satisfied "ah" inside just to hold it, turning the pages and remembering all the pleasant books in which the gleanings first dwelt. A bit like a scrapbook of words. Now I aim to re-do the cover. I never liked it much. It bears a quote about following your deepest heart's desire or some such pop-psycho mumbo. I'm going to do something with bits of paper, I think, a collage of sorts using a clearish glue called "Mod Podge". I have so much paper I should put to use, I just might do some other things at the same time.

(at the end of the day)
Ah, here it is! Not quite what I expected, but I like it. I have tons of old Lord of the Rings calanders and such, and here I put some of them to use. Though it was hard at first ripping them. So precious...

~front cover~

~back cover~

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  1. Charity7:49 AM

    Very nice!:) I must admit my quote book is not quite full yet... I have been sadly delinquent on writing down quotes lately...:( You have inspired me to do better! :)