Friday, June 23, 2006

Simmer slowly on brain's back burner

Reading bad reviews can be amusing. It's chilling sensation to actually feel the person pulling out hair as they pound the keyboard, steaming their faces up all red-ish. Cooking tomatoes to chuck at the offending writer/filmmaker. Do they know that sometimes I feel so sorry for the catsup-stained, abused work that I take pity and read/watch it for myself to find and savor the good points? Do either of us know, or take care to ponder the ethics of reverse psychology?

I've already expressed some skepticism I have of the book. Maybe I was too hasty. Hmm. May the Lord give me a soft heart and a wise head! Coo, coo, hiss-hiss, as Bill Jack says.

Time for me to percolate po-ta-toes for dinner while my thoughts boil. I might also order my word-ponder strange...

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