Friday, June 23, 2006


A new blog. So young, so very small and inexperienced. It knows not it stands as one among millions starting their future so bright, with dreams to capture all blog readers with witty humor, piercing beauty, and soaring life-changing wisdom.

For now I shall let it dream on, oblivious to harsh reality. In the meantime, methinks it will not mind a bit coming to my service in posting favorite links, pics, poems, quotes, and the like. A little helpmeet it shall be. But oh, what a task!


As for the title, I hope to reflect beauty I've been given and point back to the Beautiful One.


  1. Charity7:45 AM

    Hi Rael,
    Nice blog! I don't really care where you blog, as long as you post a little more often.;) Looks like you have a good start here. :) Love the picture too! Very nice work! Oh, the name of the blog is great as well!:) I will try and check often! :)

    Love in Christ,
    Jer. 29:11

  2. Hey, Charity!

    Yay, I'm glad you've found it! This picture was actually one I did very lightly in colored pencil a while back, and then scanned it and really intensified the colors. I like this version more than the original. ;-)

    I need to check your family's blog more often! It's always so neat to see what you are all doing, and so often they are uplfting, hilarious, or both! ;)