Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Vocabulary thanks, too much salt, and material

(Look at this poor fellow! I've felt like this when sleep is a nagging creature and nothing makes sense, least of all unfinished homework. I want to give him a pat on the back, a coffeemaker, and some lively soundtracks!)

Isn't it nice that so many things come in families? Even languages. My Spanish vocabulary words for today were many, but thankfully so many were similar to English that I almost learned them all! For this, today I am very grateful. I suppose I should also rejoice for recent, endless stacks of words which make me realize the ease of these. Grudgingly I do, though I've sometimes grumbled that the teacher couldn't reasonably expect students to memorize those three-inch high word decks. (I always like to forget how late I start studying. Hm, why might that be?) Observing now my attitude, another ever-present blessing shows it's face. Christ's goodness covers my horrid procrastination and unthankfulness, always, forever, and nothing can take it away! And He wants me to see and trust, not just "try harder," for glorying in His cross makes the difference.

Theology and philosophy are such my predictable rambling grounds. Mayhaps the only doorway I know into the curious land of Blog opens here. But there are more pithy, potatoes and toast and string-cheese fields further on, if I can only get there! Salt eaten plain is rather nasty, eh?

Admission: I love new clothes. The new feel and smell, the inviting possibilities for new combinations with old things, and the very beauty of them, suddenly make choosing garb in the morning no longer a dread chore, but an anticipated treat.

Confession: I have a tendency to scorn the "modern materialistic girl who's obsessed with clothes." I often build up in my head pictures of people who are actually unrealistic or at least rare, and resolve to avoid their foibles at all cost. Now, there may be those who can spend more in one shopping trip than I have on my biggest purchase ever (my li'l laptop), but I do hope I will love them no less for it! I really have a thick head, for I feel I'm only now learning that it's ok, and perhaps even good to enjoy wearing pretty things. Astonishing thought!. Or perhaps the astonishment comes from finding things on sale that are not only elegant, feminine, and classy, but *gasp* modest. Jump for joy and three huzzahs for such wonders! I don't have to dress in dumpy clothes to honor my Christian brothers and future husband, and in fact, perhaps I honor them better by dressing more like a woman. Obvious, yes. Is it my love for extremes that sometimes inclines me to baggy pants and tee shirts? They are not bad, I know. Two of my dearest shirts are tees. But I guess the main danger comes from not caring or, perhaps, caring too much.

All that was meant to eventually say that I went shopping with my mom, and we found quite a few nice things on decent sales. I keep sneaking to peep in my closet to make sure they're real, and fondling them. My Great Aunt Ginger (Virginia), who I just saw in Colorado, helped remind me that looking nice and feminine is important. Seeing beauty seems much better than theorizing about it, as speaking a language is better than cramming and forgetting. And knowing Christ is far greater than simply knowing about Him.

(I must learn not to go on and on like this. A few focused paragraphs should be my limit. Having written this in segments late last night, I'm wondering if I should delete it; it seems almost more sarcastic than thankful, and I fear it is terribly dull, or at least unhelpful. And I can't seem to make the font consistent...)

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