Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Greetings, reader! (from a distracted student)

I'm going to try to do a post in, say, ten minutes. I still need to finish Linguistics homework, so I must be brief, but since I've neglected my poor blog (and more importantly its readers thereby), for this reason I type.

I like my classes. Ideally I shall soon post a character outline of each unique one, but alas, not here! I think, with my precious moments, I shall impart some great bits of wisdom which has been sifting down to me of late:

  • An amazing number of pages can be perused by college students in this manner. Take a book, (or anything else with words theron, be it novel, note, Norton, or nefarious nimbus thoughts), and while walking across campus, keep your nose stuck in firmly. Keep to this diligently, and for this reason mourn no more when greeted by fast stretches of sidewalk or grass or pavement to be traversed.
  • While doing the above, pop up now and then. Not only might you see curious glances at the passing bookworm, but mayhaps you shall also not find yourself on the opposite side of campus from that intended.
  • Once you leave Facebook, the most common question asked of you shall be if you're on it.
  • Eating raw garlic cloves is healthy, and rather unpleasant except for the thrill factor.
  • Wood stoves can give off incredible heat, but also use tons of wood.
  • Mysteries of undrained tubs might be solved by removing plugs.
  • Blog posts take much longer for me to write than I usually expect.
  • The main key to getting scholarships is to apply.
  • I have a dependable lemon bread ally in "Number Two", but on his days to choose breakfast he's been sweetly choosing what his siblings would rather have. I have much to learn from such selflessness.
  • I'll have to read about 2 or 3 books every week.
That's all. I have of course typed for much longer than ten minutes, alas! Now I'm away to phonemic transcriptions. Dear reader, have a glorious day.

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  1. Shame I never saw this before - it's fantastic and so real-to-life! I've been there, and it's a relief to be done with it... May you find a Lioness' strenght and energy for the daily battles (and the work load) of studying, Hobbitgirl!