Sunday, January 14, 2007

Iced over

This is a tree in our backyard.

Apparently I should have left for school Friday, since it was the last nice day for a bit. Since yesterday, and supposedly on through Monday and maybe even Tuesday, the roads I must traverse are coated with ice. "Light freezing rains expected," the forecasts say. Ah well. My first class is Tuesday, and I only have several hours to drive, but I expect professors will be merciful to students who must miss a day or two.

At the moment, it's not entirely unpleasant to be housebound. The pine needles encased in silvery ice are enchanting, especially seen from
our snug little house. And I think I see a few dusty flakes blowing about...

"That's all the better. Means we shan't have any visitors"
~Mr Beaver~

I'm sure that would suit Bella here. Our fat feline is rather possessive of this coveted fireside chair, which she only shares grudgingly with many a pained "Muuuuueoooow." See how suspiciously she eyes you, even as we speak. Beware, she can have a bit of a sulky temper.


  1. Hi,
    This is Natalie from YLCF...just saw your comment and actually that picture was taken near Anchorage, Alaska! :)

  2. Charity4:55 PM

    Hi Rael,
    So you have ice down there too? We had a nice rain/sleet/ice storm two days ago, and all our trees in the woods behind us were glistening silver with the ice coating on their branches! :) Then the clouds grudgingly gave us half an inch of snow, just enough to cover all surfaces and look pretty for a few hours, until the sun came out and melted it. We heard that our friends in Lapeer got 5-6 inches of snow, and are planning on going sledding! Just shows what a difference an hour or two of driving can make. :)
    Your cat looks like she is daring anyone to try and push her off the chair - why is it that cats are so good at looking evil, but they can be so cute too! ;)
    Your Michigan Friend,

  3. Has it been icy there since you got back to school? Any more snow days?

  4. No more class-canceling snow days, but the first day of class was rather icy, with a bit of snow. I had to drive about 30 to town, and then slower once I got there. It's an odd sensation to find brakes barely doing anything!

    More lately we've had a little rain, and today it was maybe 50 degrees, so it's just chilly, not finger-killing freezing.