Saturday, January 06, 2007

Catch-up Post II: Movie night with vegetables

Thursday morning

So bid your troubled heart be still
The grass, they say, is soft and green
The trees are tall and honey-filled
So, Sarah, come and walk with me

~Andrew Peterson~

At the library last night I found three Hitchcock’s, one Gaskell, and a new Veggie Tale! I say new, but I suppose it’s growing rather oldish. One trial of having brothers grow up is that I have to invent excuses to purchase new episodes of my heroes, Bob and Larry. I manage, but still can’t keep up. This was one I still hadn’t seen, called Sheerluch Holmes and the Golden Ruler. My mom and Whit watched it with me last night, and had quite a blast. Whit is such a sweet young lad. He’s my youngest brother, but we have quite a bit in common, and he’s not too old at thirteen to do things with his “little” big sister. Anyway, this episode contained two hilarious stories and a very silly song about a gated community. The Veggie commentary was also quite hilarious, though not as much as on Lord of the Beans. I heartily give many stars to this one.

(This may have been me durring the film. I'm telling you, those stories were intense...Ok, I was cracking up most of the time. But this little lass expresses my general admiration for my veggie friends and their fantastic yarns.)

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