Friday, April 06, 2007

Procrastination Paraphernalia

One way I play around in the middle of writing an important paper is to discover my various titles.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Grace Lady Rael the Lackadaisical of Bumswick by the Hole
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Hehe. Has a rather hobbity sound to it, no? It's almost but not quite so grand is "
Duchess Rael the Incontrovertible of Leg over Wallop."

My homework-avoidance surfing has also led to discovering the newest trailer for Spiderman 3. Here it is, if you care to look. NOTE: I shan't be doing this posting-of-video much, so take comfort! I think it's too easy to get carried away, not to mention that few video clips are so important to me life that they must take the place of quality postings. But oh my, how shall I be able to focus on finals, knowing this is coming out?

(BEWARE- 'Tis quite unsettling, a bit violent, and if you like Spiderman it may produce dreadful impatience.)

Each trailer has been creepier and creepier! Unless this goes the dreaded way of the last X-men and is drowned in too many subplots, it looks to be just as good as the last two. Maybe I should try being more like Puddleglum, though. That way, if it's totally ruined, with no moral depth and a horrid ending, I shan't be let down. Hm...

Thinking such gloomy thoughts shouldn't be this hard!

I must now go back to paper-writing, accompanied by Constant Comment. I shall try to keep visions of the evil Spiderman from swooping through my head. He ought to obey, since I am such, erherm, a peculiarly-titled aristocrat.

Lackidaisical indeed... Do you ever get the feeling these "randomly-generating" programs know a bit too much and are too deliberately accurate in their so-called-randomness?


  1. My title is: Imperial Majesty Katie the Infinite of Piddletrenthide Under Booth.

    I can't wait for Spidey 3 as well! We finally got my parents to watch #2 last night and they really enjoyed it. I do hate the fact that #3 is messing up a perfectly good ending . . . but I imagine it will be worth it!

  2. Yar!
    Spiderman 3 doth need more pirates!

  3. Methinks I know ye, John Pipe, me hearty...

  4. Why are you talking with so much strangelyness?

    (P.S. Do I have permission to troll your comment area *begs*)