Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sewing with T&T

Greetings from Lady Rael's seamstress corner!

Today after a wonderful time at the used-book store (everything was 75% off!), lunch, a nap, and reading (Brother Andrew's book Light Force), I set myself to work on costumes. Time is slipping away!

I'm almost to the hemming stage on Whit's, and am having a jolly time on my grandmother's clackity Singer whilst listening to the antics of Agatha Christie's
Partners in Crime. Tommy's just got into a scrape, and I ought to get back to work so Tuppence can get him out of it.

Right ho, old beans, I'm off then! ;-)

(By the by, the gel in the picture is the Lady of Shallot in her tower, I think. I'm certianly glad I'm not doing a huge complicated tapestry, and can look out the window without danger! But her hair is a bit like mine, though it doesn't always fly upward... ;) And her dress is quite loverly!)


  1. Rael,

    Have you ever heard the song "Lady of Sahllot" sung by Lorena Mckennitt? It is a beautiful poem set to beautiful music.


  2. Hey! Thanks for coming by my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed the Boundless article... I certainly enjoyed writing it. Your description of yourself made me laugh. Can I come over for tea and cloaks?