Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Update and Quotes

Quick update on my doings:
  • I'm working at the museum's art camp again, this week and next. Fun fun! The thing kids will say, not to mention make! :-)
  • Several medieval costumes are still under construction, and I haven't even started mine yet! They're so much fun, though. I've done a bit of hemming while watching The Lord of The Rings with my family, in semi-daily segments.
  • Being responsible, when one slips into laziness, is rather frustrating. During summer I'm at my worst habit-wise. As in keeping track of days, and filling out forms on time. :-(
  • For anyone who's wondering (C and Mr. I. ;) My man has yet to come forward and show interest in courtship. Whoever he is, wherever he is... ;) Patience is much needed by me!

“Marriage teaches us that even the most intimate human companionship cannot satisfy the deepest
places of the heart. Our hearts are lonely ‘til they rest in Him.”

~Elisabeth Elliot~

“You can make the clock strike before its hour by putting your hand on it, but it will strike wrong. You can tear the rosebud open before its time, but you will mar its beauty. So we may spoil many a gift of blessing which God is preparing for us, by our own eager haste. He is weaving our lives and has a perfect plan for each. Let us not pull the threads!”

I wish Thy way.
But when in me myself would rise
And long for something otherwise,
Then, Holy One, take sword and spear
And slay.

-Amy Carmichael

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