Friday, April 25, 2008


More painting today. We are still not moved into the new house, because there are so many walls and ceilings with cigarette smoke stains, and hideously dark-brown cabinets, and I begin to wonder if there's any point in scrubbing paint off myself when I'm only going to get another coat. ;) We're getting it done, but probably won't be seriously moving stuff over there until school's out.

Things to be thankful for:
  • millions (so it seems to me, their painter) of kitchen cabinets
  • the fresh, clean look of what we've done so far
  • a mother of incredible indefatigable energy, patience, and hope
  • being able to listen to lots of exciting audio books from the library
  • manual labor that, in moments of quiet, provides great opportunity for story-plotting!
  • a tangible metaphor*

*I realized last night, in the midst of a grumpy attitude and desperate slopping-on of paint, that a Christian's sanctification is a little like a house being painted. It seems to take forever, needing several more coats at least, and still there are bad brush strokes and sloppy drips, but we mustn't stop seeking perfection because we can't get there all at once. Persevere! Look to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith! And oh the glory when the dingy, dark, and dirty is covered slowly in glorious white! I couldn't keep being quite so grumpy after all those thoughts came rushing in. :-)

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  1. Charity Sauve12:57 PM

    Rael dear, did you ever tell me that you were moving? I apologize if I missed in on your blog, but I don't remember hearing about it before. Another thing for you to explain in your letter that you are going to write me... ;) When you are settled in of course. :) I appreciate your thoughtful thankfulness - a good reminder for us all to find the good even in things that seem tiresome or hard.

    Love in Christ,