Wednesday, September 03, 2008

After a Summer's Silence

My dear friends, and whoever else might chance upon my blog:

The summer has come and gone, without seeing one new thing posted here. So, to summarize high points of our crazy wonderful lives,

  • finished painting, yard-saleing, and moving!
  • learned to park the suburban in the back, between the car and fence, without fear of wrecking (Hurrah!)
  • led a journaling workshop for girls
  • visited family in Colorado, old friends in New Mexico, and were visited by family in Texas.
  • mother taught two weeks of art camp for kids at a museum, and I got to help!
  • drove across parts of east Texas several times. Every other hill or so, my mother would say it was her favorite part of Texas. She said the same thing while we drove across New Mexico and Colorado, too... ;)
  • watched the 7-and-1/2-hour-long Bleak House mini-series (*cough* twice *cough*) and plunged into the even-better book. Astonished and falling quite in love with Dickens' writing. Such characters he paints, and with such paint!
  • wrote a good bit of my novel
  • drank lots of coffee
  • read lots of books
  • watched too many movies while drinking tea with fellow conspirators, my mom and youngest brother
  • made lunches
  • cleaned (now and then)
  • organized
  • listened to audio dramas and books on tape/CD/MP3
  • ate oranges
  • discovered the most scrumptious chocolate coffee cake recipe
  • sewed cloaks
  • journaled
  • played in rain
  • laughed
  • cried
  • pondered
  • puzzled
  • and even went roller skating, with much fun and bruises
It was busy, varied, and I hope God-honoring. I'll try to come around more often. The fall writing bug has bitten me bad lately. And it's been rainy and cool, perfect writing weather! So beware! The main danger to my writing is finding too much good stuff to read. ;)

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