Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My lovely apron!

I actually won a blog givaway! And it was not some useless trinket only fit to gather dust and be tossed. Nope. It was this marvelous apron! I am quite prone to spills, drips, and dribbles when around food, and the Lord knows it. Isn't His provision wonderfully fitting? ;-)

Thank you, Miss Jen, for my cute apron! It's wonderful! Don't you all agree, readers?

Here I am, holding a bowl of just-mixed bread dough. This apron is fit to dance in. :-) Apron, bread-making, white kitchen... ah, glorious.

Miss Jen is such an inspiration to me, with her cooking, sewing, and wise thoughts! Visit her blog, Blessed Femina, to see for yourself.


  1. How great to win a prize! And yes, the apron is lovely. The caption with your picture (holding the bowl in your new apron) made me laugh out loud. I'm glad you are enjoying yourself so much! :)

    When are ya'll coming to see us again?

  2. I would love to come see y'all, Chelsa! Not sure when, though.

    The other day I met a little girl with strawberry-blond hair and a swishy skirt, who told me about the house their dad is building out in the country while they live in an RV trailer. They have an acre of land, and she told me of her longing for a horse, or even a donkey. But since her mom said they were too expensive, she's been planning to get milk goats. They homeschool. I wonder if you can guess who they reminded me of... ;-) The little girl made me think of Samantha especially.

    I hope you are all having a lovely day, my sweet friend!

    In Christ,

  3. Dearest Rael,
    Oh my... I am just catching up on
    visiting all of my dear friends blogs
    and what a joyful surprise to read this
    post!! How wonderful to see you in your apron
    so pretty and happy in the kitchen! I am glad
    you are putting it to good use dear friend!!
    With Much Love in Christ~ Miss Jen