Saturday, July 04, 2009

Classes... Crazines... Is there a connection? ;-)

Greetings, Folks! Happy Independence Day! Yesterday we celebrated the 4th with our church out on the Triple L ranch, so today has been nice and quiet. Aside from the glorious thunder and pounding rain, haha! Lovely. I've been catching up on work, listening to Mr Eben's talks,

sipping Twining's Spiced Tea from a lovely tea cup,

enjoying candlelight and thunder and rain,

and knitting furiously on a scarf that's been unfinished far too long. I seriously need to branch out into hats or blankets, or at least do some patterned scarves. But hey, it's fluffy and mindless work. Just what I need sometimes.

So, that's my silly picture post, complete with weird hair and Woot! shirt. The camera on my laptop is too much fun! Have a grand day, and remember the freedoms our fathers died for!


  1. Charity8:23 PM

    Hmm, that teacup looks familiar! :) Love the fun pictures! Happy Fourth of July!


  2. Hehe, thanks for the comment, Charity! I know the pictures are rather incriminating, but oh well. ;-) And yes, I thought of you when I chose that cup! I hope you are doing well, dear! :-)

  3. Oh my.... what fun pics! :)
    Happy 4th of July, Rael!!!
    Did you get your apron in the mail?

    Many Blessings~ Jen

  4. Yes, I did! Thank you so much! It's wonderful!!!! :-D