Friday, June 26, 2009

Hi, I'm Rael. I'm arrogant.

I have been having a wonderful time with the people in Next Step classes! There are about five local couples, three folks from South Africa, several people from other parts of Africa, and two gentlemen from China. Yesterday we went to the Pecos Rodeo. That was fun. I sat by the Irish and Scottish couple who are missionaries in Zambia. That's not something one gets to do every day!

This afternoon's Next Step class is computer basics. When I found that out, I was tempted to leave. I think I know how handle Word documents and open email attachments. (Hear any sarcasm there? Naw, it can't be. Rael is never sarcastic!)

But I think I'll stay for a bit. The Techknow Monks are very patient, and it's humbling to watch them explain what I think is so basic.

Ah, now Caleb is explaining Word. I admit, I don't know where everything is located on this new version. Ha! I really don't understand everything.

How sad life would be if the world was only as big as I thought!

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