Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quote on Boxes

Here's a quote that gives a taste of what the Next Step classes are about. Quite challenging!

"A box is anything that takes the Kingdom of God in its immensity and tries to twist it, wash it, shine it, doll it up, mix it up with other things or otherwise shrink it to our will. We just can't help doing it. It's a big part of being human. Watch any typical two-year-old, and you will see it in action even with imperfect earthly parents.

"But that doesn't make trying to put the Kingdom in a box any less of a waste of time and a degradation to the dignity of God's calling for us."

~ Tim Dunn, Happiness Unboxed ~

And on a lighter note,

(reading beginning of Job) "'There was a man in the land of Uz' - that's where the Wizard of Uz came from." ~ Tim Dunn

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