Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dynamic Tensions

In the last Next Step class of this morning, we looked at the pattern of seeming contradictions in Scripture:

Jesus is God and Man

The Trinity is three and one

We are to be Striving and Content

We are to be Hungry and Filled with righteousness

God is sovereign and man has free will

Christ is in time and Christ is outside time

We can living for this moment and for eternity

All these dynamic tensions don't make sense to us. Being brought up with a western Greek philosophy of thinking, of relying on wisdom, we can hardly imagine seeming contradictions actually both being true. But the Scripture is full of them! Holding the tension, admitting the paradoxes are confusing, can actually lead us to walking by faith! God is God, and His ways are more than we can understand. We can trust Him. We can and should use the reason and wisdom He gives us, but He is the one on whom to lean.

This stuff is blowing me away!

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  1. Yes.... indeed!!
    Holding that tension is essential!

    Blessings~ Jen