Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back in the classroom, exhausted, and loving it!

Greetings, my friends!

This week I have started attending a series of Bible classes called Next Step Discipleship Training at my church. It's amazing so far. I wish I had the energy and discipline each afternoon to give a report here, but at the moment here's a quick summary.

We have classes from 8a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday for six weeks, aside from a few other activities. This Monday was mostly introduction to the program. Tuesday was all team-building stuff, like those funny challenges where everyone has to work together. We also did a high ropes course that day. But the rest of this week Mr. Dunn has been teaching "Happiness Unboxed," which is overwhelmingly wonderful. At the moment we're studying Romans, talking about the confusion between justification and sanctification, and seeing that God does actually want us to be happy! In fact, most of the Bible is not about how to get saved from hell to heaven - it's mostly about how to live after that, how to make right choices and change our understanding to be God-focused. The problem comes in when we think we know better than Him what will bring lasting happiness. Anyway, hopefully more on this later. :-)

I'm writing this quickly because I'm about to leave for NSDT classes again. Then this afternoon we're all heading down to the Davis Mountains for a weekend! I'm rooming with a sweet older lady whose husband couldn't come. We're going to the observatory tonight, and tomorrow for a wilderness hike. It should be fun!

I'll try to blog more (Jonny, thanks for the prod!) but if I don't, perhaps y'all can see why. Farewell, and may you be happy in God today! :-)

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  1. SO happy to hear you are doing well! :>)
    Sounds like you are happy and busy serving
    the Lord!!

    Love & Blessings~ Jen