Saturday, October 03, 2009

Little Pretties

 I thought I'd pop in at my blog for a few minutes.  Greetings from my desk on a beautiful Saturday afternoon!  Doesn't this cup of garden flora look delicious?  It smells like a whole field of wildflowers and honey.  Mmm....

And don't candles make you feel studious and excited?  I love how they brighten up any little corner.  They're almost like cats on the hearth, a dog at your feet, or the perfect background music.  Why in the world does a little fire enchant us so? 

Here's Little Dorrit the Desk, and the lower edge of a hat quilt that was handmade by my great grandmother.  

Alright, as you can see, my desk is so pretty and cozy that I must get back to work at it. Goodbye for now! 


  1. Your Little Dorrit desk is just splendid! It indeed looks so cozy, the perfect little writer's nook. I have always dreamed of such a desk. I can't blame you for loving it. =)

    Oh! I think I spot your NaNoWriMo thermos, yes??

  2. Thank you, Eliza! I am very thankful for my little desk, and enjoy it very much. Of course (as you know) the main thing is to write wherever you can.

    Yep, you spotted it! ;-)

  3. I just love your little snippits of "life with Rael." They're fun to read. ;)

  4. Awww.... lovely!
    Got to love the little dorrit desk!
    Too SWEET!!!!

    Love~ Jen

  5. Thanks for the comment, Jenny!

    Chelsa, I thought you liked these. :-) If you had a blog, that's the sort of thing I'd want to see, too. We really do need to come see y'all! I would love that. I miss you and your lovely family. I hope you are all doing well. Oh, please tell Sierra she should do NaNoWriMo with me this year if she has time and wants to. She would have fun! I would read her story, and I don't care if it's silly because of course mine will be too. ;-)

  6. Hi, Rael...

    I saw your comments on the Rabbit Room and followed them here. What a lovely little hobbit you have:)

    I'm a homeschooling mama of 2 little girls, and your passion for God, home, good literature and life has me beaming!

    I've spent a bit of time perusing your blog, and I think you are most definitely a kindred spirit. George MacDonald, Andrew Peterson, C.S. Lewis, Louisa May Alcott, Celtic music, Anne Shirley, Narnia, Frodo, John Piper, and I have many of the same "friends." older daughter (age 8) was reading your blog with me and was very inspired. She asked if we could look at it again later. Thanks for that:)

    I wish we could sit down for some elevensies or perhaps just tea and chat. I would love to hear your thoughts on homeschooling and the such!

    So glad I found your's been a little gift in my day today:)


  7. You named your desk? We must be friends! ;)
    (mine is Alcott.)