Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rainy Days - Perfect Cooking Weather!

(image from the BBC production of Little Dorrit)

It's been rainy here today - I love it!  While I was driving Whit to school, we listened to Andrew Peterson's Clear to Venus album and kept hearing rain mentioned in songs.  I thought that was cool. :-)

Today I have done the following:

-Smashed my finger in the suburban door.  Ahaha, that was painful.   But what could I do but laugh?  I only smashed it because ... well, not quite sure how it happened. It had something to do with the umbrella...

- Made chocolate cheesecake, with raspberries and whipped cream as topping, for my brother Whit's birthday.  Hurray!  He's 16, and quite a fine young man.  I am a blessed sister in each of my brothers. :-)

- Baked chicken from the freezer, since the oven was hot... I guess we'll have chicken again...  Hey, in pita bread! Mmmm...

- Ground some wheat...

- ...And mixed up some dough for pitas, which is rising at the moment

- Washed dishes 

- Listening to musicals and Frank Sinatra

- Spent too much time on Facebook...

- And now am finally sitting down to do some editing/writing.  With mint tea and a sprinkle-decked donut.  Aren't I so disciplined?  (no answer needed, thank you)


Little Elba, how’s the rain in South America?
Does it fall upon the rooftops of the sick?
Do they thank the Lord for coming up with such a great idea
and dream about a place beyond all this? 

~from Andrew Peterson's song, Land of the Free~


  1. Sounds WONDERFUL....
    rain is so lovely.
    Thank you for sharing...
    LOVE the picture *sigh*

    Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

  2. ooh...i haven't seen little dorrit...or even read it! time to try to locate it:)

    your day sounds like a day full of living! and...we are also reveling in this rain and the cooler breeze it's bringing today!

    you're about as disciplined as i am! i've got to steam my tile floors, and for some reason i keep ending online or out with my girls or well...just anywhere other than where the steamer is:)

    but now i'm off...really...i am! time to steam!

    love that song, by the way! we sing it often:)

  3. I agree, Jenny. It's such a good film. And of course, those two main characters are so dear. :-) Kelli, you would enjoy it, I'll bet! I had never even heard of it a year ago, but that's now remedied.

    Steaming floors doesn't sound especially fun, Kelli. Hope you got it done, though, and then had tons of time to spend with your girls and doing more fun stuff. :-) Oh, and yesterday three of us were going around the house humming that song! Andrew Peterson's songs can really get into one's blood, I think. They're songs you can live in, you might say, or perhaps they live in you, like classic literature or dear friends...

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I do know who your mother is. My son has her for Latin. Small world indeed!

    I just had to comment on this post because of your reference to AP's Clear to Venus album. It is one of my favorites and that song you quoted is amazing. There is such simplicity yet such depth to his writing. I never tire of it!

    So nice to meet you!