Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Drizzly Day

This morning I went up to write at Barnes and Noble.  I indulged in a warm and chocolaty Cafe Mocha (with whipped cream, of course!) and a pizza pretzel, purchased with the help of a gift card.  Thanks, Jonny my dear brother! 

The whole day has been foggy, grey, wet.  A bit chilly.  You'd think it would be perfect to get tons of writing done.  But instead I mostly read about self-publishing (probably the route we're taking with the Hope for Relationships book) and looked at the Forgiveness chapter. I also looked at the Chicago Manual of Style, which I've read is a necessity for serious writers.  In a quick flip-through, though, it seemed huge and confusing to me, and most of it seemed like stuff I'd never need to know.  And it was about fifty bucks.  Maybe I'll get it on sale sometime.  Maybe. 

Then I ran an errand, came home, deboned a chicken, and made soup and stock and a bowl of chicken meat for chicken salad later.  While listening to Adventures in Odyssey and the Boundless Podcast.

After that, I went to visit my friend Sarah C.  She's perky, sensible, cheerful, and wise, and she's excited about so many of the same things I am (like homeschooling, wives staying at home, gardening, frugal meal-planning, raising animals to eat, sewing).    We've been walking together every week lately, but since it was not so nice outside today and her little girl, Rebekah, was still sleeping, we just talked and ran to the post office (Sarah's husband was home - don't worry!).  Sarah is such a blessing, like the older sister I never had.  I'm so thankful the church body is really a family, and I actually do get her as a sister! :-)

Then I came home and wrote a flier for the tea party we're having after AWANA Quizzing. Drove through the drizzle to pick up Bob from basketball practice.  Came home again, ate delicious Chicken Enchilada Soup if I do say so myself... hey, I may have mixed up the ingredients, but God made them, so I think I can be delighted with soup to His glory. :-)  And watched a  Leave It To Beaver  episode on Netflix with Whit (Bob), until he left (again) to watch another MCA team's game.

And here I am, writing this rambly post, listening to the chicken stock on the stove boil down so it will take up less room in the freezer.    Thinking about the book I've been reading - Passion and Purity.  Wondering how best I can trust God and wait patiently for my man to lead at the right time.  (Until we both say "I do," only God knows for sure who he is, anyways!)   I'm thinking about how much I assume I know guys' minds, when I ought to have a quiet spirit and respect them enough to speak or be silent as they choose.  Lord, help me!

Well, I'd better stop blathering on.  Tomorrow is near.  Besides normal book and house work, I need to research the science behind bread, learn what kinds of bread they made in the medieval ages, dig out books on calligraphy and knotwork and illuminated manuscripts, and maybe repair my blue medieval dress.   Three dear and creative kids are coming over for a fun homeschool afternoon in a few days, and I need to be prepared.  What fun - I don't even have my own kids yet, and already I get the joy and excitement of practicing hands-on teaching!
Oh dear, I'm about to fall asleep here.  Have a lovely Tuesday night, and I hope your Wednesday is full of happiness in God! 


  1. Thanks for the post. We miss you.

  2. I miss y'all too, Chelsa! I thought of you when I made your soup, and when my friend Sarah talks about her desire to raise chickens, and all the home-making things she's trying. And the three homeschooled kids who are coming over tomorrow remind me of your kids a little... The girl wants a horse but might end up with a donkey, and she loves dressing up - she especially reminds me of Samantha. :-)

  3. I enjoy reading about your life, Rael. It's fun! This caught my eye: " Besides normal book and house work, I need to research the science behind bread, learn what kinds of bread they made in the medieval ages, dig out books on calligraphy and knotwork and illuminated manuscripts, and maybe repair my blue medieval dress."
    I have been researching in medieval culture and times too! May I ask, who did you use for the dress? I have been have a hard time finding a good pattern...

  4. Titmoss, I actually did some research and made up my own pattern. I made it rather roomy so I could slip it on and off without a zipper (which they wouldn't have had back then, of course), and I belted it with a nice thick cord. The overdress is blue with long, billowy sleeves, and the underdress (made from a sheet!) is cream with plain straight sleeves and a slightly smaller neck hole. It's not very fancy or fitted, but it ended up being much more comfortable and practical than pre-made patterns I've tried where the armholes are too tight to give much ease of movement.

    Hope some of that helps. I'm sure there are decent patterns out there somewhere. And some could probably just be adapted a little to make them more functional and authentic. :-)