Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Even though You take him..."

I'm still thinking about my last post.  Here's a song by Andrew Peterson about Abraham and Isaac that exemplifies the faith I want.    I'm not even a parent yet - I need help imagining this!

Holy is the Lord

Like I said, I'm not a parent yet, but the time to practice this faith is always now.

What am I still clinging to tightly, which God may be asking to hold?  Long-held convictions which (though I hate to admit it) may not be true?  Old ruts which I thought were right for so long, but which may need to be filled so I can live a more Christlike life, moment-to-moment, choice by choice?  Little moments of self-gratification?  Assumptions which keep me "safe," but which could be hindering truth from coming out, and real relating from happening?

Big things?  Little thing?

Some things He asks us to give are sinful.  Others are good.

It is all of me He wants, not just the parts I think need changing.  Am I willing to give all?  Do I trust my God? 

Holy is the Lord, Holy is the Lord
And the Lord I will obey
Lord, help me, I don't know the way

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