Thursday, April 08, 2010

Study, Random, and a Goose Egg

When was the last time I challenged myself to find out if a long-held belief or way of doing things was actually Scriptural?

When was the last time I dove into some serious Bible study, taking notes, making lots of observations, seeing what is there instead of what I want to see?

When was the last time I was able to flip open a Bible and humbly explain a concept or principle, without fear of having taken anything out of context or of making it say what it didn't?

Too long ago, that's when.

Well, I plan on doing some deep digging in the following days.  I might even post some of my findings here as part of the process.  And hopefully at the end I'll be able to explain with Scripture, clear thinking, and personal conviction why I believe some of the "odd" things I do. :-)  And if my views change in the process, so much the better!  What better to change me than Scripture?  

In other news, I've been:
  • spending time with my dear dad, who visited this weekend - I love you Daddy!
  • lunch at my grandparents after church
  • good conversations with my friend Erik :-)
  • drinking some lovely white and herbal tea I got for Christmas
  • writing book reviews 
  • learning to write press releases 
  • picking early flowers from our garden and putting them in a teacup
  • eating chocolate 
  • cooking 
  • watching Arsenic and Old Lace with two sweet friends (I hope I didn't scar them for life, hehe!)
  • admiring my brother Zach's muscles (he's getting ready for the Marines)
  • listening to barbershop quartets while my mom cuts Bob's hair
  • thinking about the blessing of children, homeschooling, and media discernment
  • helping my mom carry little seedlings inside every night, and outside in the morning
  • taking my Puppy to AWANA for Stuffed Animal Night
  • listening to Adventures in Odyssey
  • fiddling with piano and irish whistle
  • not wanting to buy anything else from China
  • pondering the amazing beginning of the sentence "But God..."
  • walking with a mom, her little girl, and their dog
  • drinking in wisdom from an elder
  • chatting with my Thinkling friends on Google chat
  • getting on Blogger too often without actually posting anything ;-)
  • looking at my goose egg I painted and scribbled on 
  • taking too many pictures with my webcam
Well, I don't have anything else to say, and it's getting late, so adios from the West Texas hobbit hole!


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  2. That's a lot of stuff ;) LOL

    I like that opening thing. Lots of people get stuck in what they believe without knowing why they do. And so the Church has fallen from a lot of truth...sadly.

    By the way, I saw on your profile that you're a fan of Bryan Davis's Dragons in Our Midst series! Me too! I'm giving away his latest book "Starlighter" on my blog. If you think about it, stop by and enter!

    Take care!