Thursday, June 24, 2010

"the best love letters"

"...the best love letters are the ones simply breathed and lived and laid down with a life."      ~Ann Voskamp~

Ann over at Holy Experience is such an inspiration and calming presence to me, though I've never met her.  This is a lovely post of hers I just read and had to share: How to Really Write a Love Letter 


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing the link!

  2. Erik Walsh12:06 PM

    She's got a great way with words. Very awesome.

  3. Dear Rael,
    thanks so much for introducing me to Ann Voskamps web site. She is such a great writer, and I feel the very fibers of life in her writing.

  4. Elijah, glad you enjoyed it! I especially love how she can see the sacred and eternal in everyday stuff.

    Erik, I quite agree. Her writing blows me away. It is a very different style, almost stream-of-conscious, but she does it wonderfully. When I try that, it often turns out sloppy or long-winded. She generally write in lots of plays on words, too, which is delightful. :-)

    Colleen, you're welcome! So glad to be able to make the introduction. If that were all my little blog ever did, I would count it worthwhile.