Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Meditate on these things (not my list of complaints)

I am thankful for:
  • Wednesday-night Bible study
  • sweet fellowship with young ladies
  • godly, wise mentors (today, especially Cheryl B.) 
  • pens and paper
  • afternoon naps
  • spicy-sweet dessert tea
  • ice cream
  • air-conditioning
  • a Sovereign God, who has everything planned and under control
  • a Jealous God, who wants us to be His only
  • a Patient God, who lets us make choices, even wrong ones, so we can learn
  • a Loving God, who knows exactly what His children need
  • a Wise God, who gives simple (thoughnot always easy) instructions for life
  • my own copy of God's Word
  • bagels
  • Izze (Sparkling Blueberry)
  • the invention of braiding
  • the adventures to be had while house-sitting
  • the creativeness of people
  • the unexplainable
  • an affectionate little dog 


  1. What beautiful things to be thankful for! :)

    Love~ Miss Jen

  2. Great list!!!

    "You are the sun
    shining down on everyone,
    light of the world
    giving light to everything I see
    beauty so brilliant
    I can hardly take it in
    and everywhere You are
    is warmth and light" - Sarah Groves

    "Teach us to count our days!"

    I really like Sarah Groves and Chris Rice!

    Looks like you like quotes as much as I do, I've put over 500 here:

  3. Miss Jen, isn't it so refreshing to write lists of beautiful things? I find it helps quash any discontent lurking about.

    Et tu, Elijah? ;-) Oh yay, another quote-lover! Muhaha. :-) I'll have to visit your collection of quotes soon armed my quote book and a pen.

    And yes, I am a fan of those two artists. My favorite Christian singers are just as much poets as they are singers. Andrew Peterson is another one. Their words minister to me while I listen, and sneak up on me at the oddest times when I'm going about my day - somehow just when I needed them.