Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Scribbled Thanks

171. Sweaters

172. The crisp, neat smoothness of clothes freshly ironed

173. Honey from friends' bees

174. An ever-patient, ever-loving, bearing-all-things mother

175. A second letter from Zach

176. The throbbing purr of Bella-cat when she flops down beside me cozily.

177. Conversation about communication

178. Enough cinnamon rolls to share

179. A safe weekend trip

180. Cool stories from my dad about Belize - especially the Indiana Jones cave, and the spot where they shot a scene from Star Wars

181. Brothers to pray for and help me grow

182. Cool night air drifting in through the open windows

183. Delighted squeals from a 3-year-old girl, feeding our chickens from her hand.

184. The invention of Playaways - so handy and enjoyable on trips and while puttering around the house!

185. A slivered new moon

186. The growing friendliness of the chickens (even if it is because they know who feeds them)

187. A surprise visit from old friends on their way through Texas

188. The bravery of such friends to adopt.

189. An evening watching TV shows with Whit and the Mother

190. Seeing a lady in the store console a little lost girl and help her find her parents.

191. The West Texas friendliness of smiling at complete strangers

192. Hearing someone who just moved here say it was better than California, and more like their hometown. :-) I don't hear that too often!

193. A sign for the "Open A Bar" Ranch. Hehe.

194. Madeline L'Engles's marvelous, thoughtful little book, A Circle of Quiet

195. Raspberry ginger ale

196. Lavender Blueberry Dark Chocolate 

197. Limited funds, to better enjoy the above by making it rare. ;-)

198. A reminder that Light Isn't Boring

199. Clean sheets

200. Home sweet home, and crickets singing softly into the night.

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