Friday, April 17, 2009

Truly Scrumptious Yogurt

Yogurt is extremely good for you, but have you ever read the labels of most little pre-flavored, pre-sweetened single-serving containers? How much extra sugar and other stuff actually goes in there? Not only that, but wouldn't it be more cost-efficient to buy it in larger quantities?

Since I don't have a source of affordable raw milk to make my own yogurt, I've become a fan of Dannon's All Natural Plain kind. I can't exactly buy it in bulk, but I get the 2 lb tubs for about $2.09 each. That is inexpensive compared to the fancy smancy "organic" brands. But here's the impressive part:

Ingredients: Cultured Grade A Milk.

Or, as their container says, "No Artificial Anything." Until I can make my own, I think this is the best I can get.

A delicious way to sweeten and eat plain yogurt

1. Spoon plain yogurt into a small bowl, preferably of the charming or simple sort.

2. Add a spoon of raspberry preserves (my very favorite berry!), a spoon of brown sugar, or a drizzle of chocolate syrup. Or all three. You could also be creative and add nuts, other fruits, cookie crumbs, etc.

3. Eat with relish! (No, of course not the pickle kind. Though, you never know...) You might want to stir yours first, but I think it's more exciting for each bite to contain a different ratio of creamy tartness, brown sugar delight, and raspberry bliss. If you don't think raspberries are blissful, I'm very sorry for you. ;)

4. Repeat whenever needed. Feed it to your family for dessert! Offer it to visiting friends who already know you're a bit unconventional!

WARNING!! Even if eating plain yogurt seems way too tart at first, a few bowls of this might have you craving the stuff. I even like it plain now... though, raspberries are at one of the pinnacles of scrumptiousness. Oh, did I mention I love raspberries?

(I'm shocked to see that, until now, I have had no labels for "food" posts! I think I've blogged about food before, though...maybe that was when I didn't do labels? Anyway, if I get into a habit of taking good pictures, I'll definitely do more food posts. I know I enjoy looking at such things on other blogs! Few things are more picturesque and inspiring than photos of mouth-watering yummies, and words can only say so much alone.)


  1. What wonderful ideas on making your yogurt scrumptious!!! :)
    THANK YOU!!!

    Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

  2. Thanks, Miss Jen! I know it's really healthiest plain, but this is a yummy step in that direction. Emphasis on yummy. ;)

  3. Charity4:33 PM

    Hi Rael, Lovely to see more frequent posts from you! Great ideas on the yogurt. We do the jam in plain yogurt a lot, and we are blessed to have raw milk to make our own most of the time. Another tasty way to use yogurt is to blend it in a smoothie with a banana and some frozen fruit. Delicious! :)


  4. Helo, dear Charity! So good to hear from you! Yogurt in a smoothie sounds wonderful - I did that once, when making a wildly creative one for my mom, but I might have added a few too many strange things as well, and it turned out...a bit odd. ;-D