Thursday, May 21, 2009

Aslan song

Good song I just listened to on Pandora Radio! Hope it encourages someone as it did me. :-)


-Kendall Payne-

Don't stop your crying on my account
A frightening lion, no doubt
He's not safe, no he's not safe
Are you tempted now to run away?
The King above all Kings is coming down

But He won't say the words you wish that he would
Oh, he don't do the deeds you know that He could
He won't think the thoughts you think He should
But He is good, He is good

I know you're thirsty, the water is free
But I should warn you, it costs everything
Well, He's not fair, no He's not fair
When He fixes what's beyond repair
And graces everyone that don't deserve

No one knows Him whom eyes never seen
No, I don't know Him but He knows me
He knows me, He knows me

Lay down your layers, shed off your skin
But without His incision, you can't enter in
He cuts deep, yeah He cuts deep
When the risk is great and the talk is cheap
But never leaves a wounded one behind


  1. That is beautiful indeed!!

    Many Blessings~ Jen

  2. Anonymous11:36 AM

    I loved this song from the first moment I heard and really appreciate you posting it (and your blog, I think we might be kindred spirits :) I love your Lewis quote about the ultimate career :)

  3. Thanks for the comments! :-)

    Anonymous, I'm afraid you forgot to sign your name! I'm always delighted to meet kindred spirits. Do you have a blog I can visit?

  4. Anonymous8:17 PM

    I tried to sign my name (with the name/url option), but clearly, it didn't work. I'm Julia and I don't have a blog, but am thinking about starting one. I'll let you know if I do :) Have you checked out the REBELution website or the counsel on Biblical Manhood/Womanhood?

  5. I'm sorry the sign in thing didn't work. But it's great to meet you, Julia! :-) As you can see, I have a hard time keeping my blog up-to-date, but when I do I enjoy it quite a bit. I love the Rebelution website! :-) I haven't been to the other one recently, but from what I remember it's a good one too.

  6. I succumbed, I started a blog

  7. Oh, goody! I'm going right over to visit it, Julia! :-)