Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Of Jeeps and Joy

Has the Lord ever used something as silly as a finicky car to bring joy your day?

Today as I was out running errands, the Jeep decided to die quite suddenly. Thankfully I was stopped at a red light, but I'm afraid I panicked. One of my first thought was of the people in the pick-up behind me, but the gentleman held up a hand of patience, as if he knew I was stressed out and trying to restart my vehicle.

I tried turning the key. Nothing. Again I tried. After what seemed like long slow minutes (really just a few seconds) I thought to put it in park, then tried again. With a grunting, reluctant chug, the engine started! I waved a thanks to the guy behind me as I cautiously started forward.

"Thank you, Lord!" I felt tearful gratitude and a wave of relief wash over me. I finished my last few errands and drove home, all the while acutely aware that the Jeep might decide it never got enough appreciation, and would try the dying act again.

But God has rescued me in car troubles before, and He probably will again. Of course I know every one of them had a mechanical explanation for why things went wrong or right. But that doesn't make the Lord any less involved in my rescue.

Today I was surprised to find that, as horrible as car troubles are (especially to a panic-prone, over-sensitive, needing-to-control person as me), I am actually so greatful when they do happen. Because the remind me I'm in God's hands - and what could bring more joy than realizing that!?!

We're all like cars, actually. From the outside we might look beat up, or brand new, but only He knows and controls how long we will last. I could die any day. I have no garuntee or promise that I will take another breath, so in the meantime, every one I take is a precious gift. If only I would remember that all the time! That's the sort of adventure every one of us lives, every day, though we (or at least I) rarely have eyes to see.

In Prince Caspian (book, not film), Trumpkin the Dwarf has been doubting the existence and power of the great Lion, Aslan, all his life. He is terrified to meet the huge Lion at last, and even more so when Aslan gives him something quite different from a dry lecture.

“And now!” said Aslan in a much louder voice with just a hint of roar in it, while his tail lashed his flanks. “And now, where is this little Dwarf, this famous swordsman and archer, who doesn't believe in lions? Come here, son of Earth, come HERE!” - and the last word was no longer the hint of a roar but almost the real thing.

“Wraiths and wreckage!” gasped Trumpkin in the ghost of a voice. The children, who knew Aslan well enough to see that he liked the Dwarf very much, were not disturbed; but it was quite another thing for Trumpkin, who had never seen a lion
before, let alone this Lion. He did the only sensible thing he could have done; that is, instead of bolting, he tottered towards Aslan.

Aslan pounced. Have you ever seen a very young kitten being carried in the mother cat's mouth? It was like that. The Dwarf, hunched up in a little, miserable ball, hung from Aslan's mouth. The Lion gave him one shake and all his armour rattled like a tinker's pack and then - heypresto - the Dwarf flew up in the air. He was as safe as if he had been in bed, though he did not feel so. As he came down the huge velvety paws caught him as gently as a mother's arms and set him (right way up, too) on the ground.

“Son of Earth, shall we be friends?” asked Aslan.

~Prince Caspian, by C. S. Lewis~

I love it! :-) Sometimes I feel like that when less-than-desirable things happen. Often I think He sends things to remind me how little I'm believing Him. I may be trembling after He tosses me sky-high. But there He is, the King and Father, His smiling eyes alight with excitement! And I can't help but smile back.

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  1. What beautiful rich thoughts, dear friend!!
    Thank you for this. ;)

    Many Blessings~ Miss Jen