Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to two famous heroes!

Well, today is the birthday of two of "the most famousest of hobbits (and that's sayin' a lot)" - Bilbo and Frodo Baggins!


One of these days I want to throw an official hobbit party, complete with lots of food, maybe a reading from Fellowship of the Ring, a "no shoes allowed unless you're Gandalf, which you're not" rule, and presents for everyone who comes. But not this year.

I am planning on cooking up some mushrooms to go with supper, though. ;-) And since the weather's turned so lovely and cold, I'll probably be wearing my cloak most of the day... and going barefoot, of course. ;-)

Hobbit Day (Wikipedia)
Hobbit Day and Tolkien Week


  1. I love it! Looking forward to 'shrooms for supper!

  2. Me too! :-D Should we have them on baked potatoes or cheeseburgers, Mother Dearest?

  3. Wonderful..... :>)
    Your post reminded me of my dear
    friend Elissa.... www.proverbs31maiden.blogspot.com

    Love & Blessings~ Miss Jen

  4. So you put on a cloak and go barefoot when it's cold? Must be a Rael thing :) And who ever said one HAS to blog every day? From what source is that?? *wink* I usually update my blog about once a week (personal) and the family blog the same (if I can--no promises there, I am just too busy!). God bless.

  5. Jenny, Elissa's blog is lovely, and I've visited it before! :-) She went much more all out with her celebration than I did, though.

    Weeeel, Katie.... alright, I go barefoot all the time at home anyway, and once it's truely freezing cold, I'll probably put on shoes... when I go outside, anyways. ;-) But the cloak? Yes, cold weather calls for cloak-wearing! As does rainy weather. And late nights of watching movies and drinking tea with my mom and brother. ;-)

    About posting every day, why, "THEY" say so!!!! It's supposed to be one of the best things to build readership, as I recall... ;-) Nah, of course you don't have to. I doubt my attempt to do so will last long, but I do think it would be a good discipline if I could learn to keep it up. It would be another way to make sure I'm writing something creative every day, something a bit more than Facebook updates and comments. ;-)

  6. :)
    Yeah, posted thier b-day on my LOTR blog!
    Go Baggins!