Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wet Weather, Humbled Hermit

With billowing dark clouds, intermittent rain, sprinkles, and a nippy drop of temperature, Fall has been clearing its throat to announce its imminent arrival. It doesn't officially come until the 22nd (Bilbo and Frodo's birthday, a fact I did not realize until now!), but Fall has sent rain and cool, crisp air ahead, reminding me how much I love it. How I look forward to November! I long to write my next novel, snuggled beneath blanket or cloak, sipping something scrumptious, challenged by the cold, darkening days to weave a tale of adventure and sadness and jollity!

But no story-writing just yet. This last weekend has been so busy! Here's a few of the things I've been doing:

-Back to school bash at MCA: cookies, ice cream, and crowds of chattering families

- Wedding celebration/reception for the son of a family at church

-Bob's cross country meet (We won the meet, and Bob got 8th - Yay Knights!)
-Septemberfest (artist booths and music) with my mother, two of her old friends, and two sweet young ladies.
-"Reconnecting" Dinner with friends from the Next Step Discipleship training

-Assembling with the saints :-)
-visiting grandparents for Grandpa's birthday!
-Hope for Relationships small group

Whew! My inner hermit objected highly to being so busy. I have so much house work I meant to do, and it was perfect weather for staying pleasantly at home. But that's alright. God had something else in mind than pleasing my inner (rather self-centered) hermit. :-) And, surprise! I actually enjoyed my crazy busy weekend! Don't you love it when He reminds you His plans are bigger and different and more interesting than ours?

Coming tomorrow: my review of North! Or Be Eaten!

The Bomnubble (Screean) - This sketch is from Pembrick's Creaturepedia, a sampling of which can be found HERE.


  1. What beautiful musings....Rael!
    Indeed it is always amazing
    when the Lord reminds us that
    His plan is bigger than ours!!

    Thank you dear friend for the encouragement!

    Love in Christ~ Miss Jen

  2. Oh, I am so glad to know I am not the only hermit! I have a tendency to be perfectly content in my own little domain, never venturing beyond it. However, last year I started having to go and do things almost every day. I find I don't mind it so much anymore, though I do treasure the days where I don't have to leave the house.

    And there is something about cool, rainy days which is just inspirational. =)