Friday, September 04, 2009

Hullo from a Hobbit

Hush! The Black Riders might have followed me here, and could be outside!

Whew! They're gone now. Who am I? I come in peace, friend. Do I smell coffee in this fine dwelling?

The ceiling might not be rounded, but you can't fool me. It's a hobbit hole in disguise. And I do smell coffee!

What's this about writing? Coffee is only for writers, is it? Well, I suppose I can help you. Uncle Bilbo taught me my letters. Would you like that in Elvish or Common Tongue?

Aha! Thank you for the delicious home brew! And it comes in pints!! I think I'll live here, if you don't mind. I'll call it Whit's End, after the young Whit fellow who dwells here. Like Bag End, named after the Bagginses. I don't know what Adventures in Odyssey is, either, so stop giving me silly looks. Whit's End is a perfectly fine name for your - our - house.

Goodbye for now!

~Elanor Baggins ~

(note from Rael: This hobbit lass came to visit a few years ago and decided to stay. She'll go on adventures now and then, and suddenly shows up when least expected. Quite a character, and she threatens to clean out our refrigerator when she's here! Looks remarkably like me, she does, though she's much more hairy on the feet...)


  1. This was a delightful post....
    Are you sure you don't know what
    "Adventures and Odyssey" is?!

    Love~ Jen

  2. Elanor: Rael says it's a radio drama, but I have not heard it. Are there dragons in it?

    Rael: Miss Jen, my youngest brother, Robert Whitefield, is now mostly called Bob, but we grew up calling him Whit. So "Whit's End" has about two and a half puns in it, one too many in my opinion to be quite sensible. But apparently Elanor disagrees. ;-) She fairly stubborn in her silly notions sometimes.

  3. Haha, that was amusing. :)

  4. Would you mind telling me what your NaNo username is?

  5. OH MY GOODNESS, that was SO CUTE!!!
    You have a tankard!! :)

  6. Merriette, I'm hobbitgirl over on NaNo. I don't actually post on the forums, though. I can predict if I really got into that it would suck up waay too much of my time, which I'd rather use writing. ;-) But I love using the work counters and charts and things on the site. :-)

    Glad you enjoyed meeting Elanor, Earwen! :-)