Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday 71-80

"Now we're counting stars and counting sand,
little feet and little hands
we're counting joys"
~Andrew Peterson
71 - Andrew Peterson's article on Boundless: Buried Treasure: The Adventure of Staying Put

72 - Coffee in airports

73 - Not having to drive Wednesday (good, because I got a dangerously small amount of sleep)

74 - Airplanes - almost as exciting as dragons

75 - Some four-year-old children at the airport, who were as thrilled about the grasshoppers on the window ledge as they were about watching the airplanes.   They might as well have seen fairies; they couldn't have been more enthralled and exclamatory.

76.  Headaches... because at least it means I still have a head. :-)

77.  A God more exciting, and more trustworthy, than an airplane - He takes us on wilder, more dangerous rides, but He is even more worthy of trust than a huge metal bird with a human pilot.

78.  Friends who rescued me from my vigil at the Albuquerque airport.

79.  Driving through northern New Mexico - rain and rolling hills, mountains and cloud-shadowed sky, and Andrew Peterson singing about family and marriage and God's love and nearness and justice in our darkest hours.

80.  Little bitties - Ethan of the happy face and ever-protruding tongue,  Ellie all plump and keen-eyed and serious.  Ellie granted me more smiles than I expected, since last I saw them she was fussy, and Ethan was the happy fellow.  I guess she likes me. :-)  And Emmie the cheerfullest 3-year-old I know.

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