Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday (51 - 70)

Busy days!  Edit and writing work, cleaning out our utility room, listening to Andrew Peterson's first fantasy tale, going to ladies' Bible study, eating too much ice cream, drinking too much tea... not blogging enough, but working to record the blessings, still.  Because God is good apart from circumstances, but even in this world He doesn't leave us without abundant hints of His bountiful goodness.

(Oh, an update:  For anyone who was wondering, I didn't quite finish the Boundless Summer Challenge.  Maybe next year.  The last week got me  - I got behind on the writing part, and then life grew too crazy.  But it was an amazing experience, and I hope to go back before too long and finish the last few Tasks.  I got so much out of the ones I did, and hope I keep doing things like them!)

Here we go.   This is too fun!  :-) 

51. The big West Texas sky

52.  Signs

53.  Psalm 139

54.  Handel's "Harmonious Blacksmith" on piano

55.  Air conditioning

56.  Stamps, handwritten silly note, an octopus card

57.  A friend's birthday dinner of sandwiches, "special" sauce, and laughter

58.  Rain seen from a cozy deli, pattering on cars, trying to blow open the stained-glass and wood door 

59.  A mother who loves history

60.  Church history, and people who love reading about it

61.  Too much laughter, when everyone needed it

62.  Guacamole

63.  My dear friend Sarah C.'s kindness and wisdom and friendship

64.  The smell of rain in the air which greeted me as I walked out of HEB, arms loaded with produce :-)

65.  Rain when the sun's shining

66.  The tall candle on Cheryl B's kitchen table that had melted crookedly... tilting sideways, as Sarah M said, "like a sunflower reaching for the sun."  We pointed the stretching wick towards the window, and I think we were both solemnly happy for its effort. 

67.  The art and joy of reading aloud, and being read aloud to. 

68.  Air conditioning  ... oops, I put this twice.  Air conditioning more than one day in a row, then! :-)

69.  A little brother who gives me rides when I ask, in the glorious and ancient white monster.

70.  A God who is way bigger than all the "What if"s and "If only"s I could ever come up with. :-)

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  1. Always appropriate your thoughts Rael.