Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Finally I'm doing another thankful post!  This is to continue recording my blessings with the Gratitude Community.  Ideally I'd do it Monday and use the cool banner Ann has on her website, but Thursdays seem to work a bit better for me. :-)

31.  An abundance of newly-met kindred spirits

32.  The cheery tea cup painted with one of my favorite flowers - wild rose.

33.  The loves God gives us to bless others (me: baking, one-on-one coffee dates with sisters, a home and family to share)

34.  The amazing rescue and protection, by God, of the little girl in our church family.  She fell 15 feet from a tree, landed on her head, fractured her scull and suffered some bad gashes on her face, was airlifted to a special hospital, and after surgery and a whole churchload of people praying, is recovering amazingly.  No known brain damage, already walking and talking a bossing her brothers around.  Thanks for Rebekah's life, Lord!  

35.  Second winds

36.  Sleep

37.  Fleas.  Hehe, And for not having them anymore. ;-)  Betsy and Corrie could be thankful for fleas in concentration camp.  I can surely be thankful for the same, minus the concentration camp!

38.  A little vase of garden flowers

39.  Awana leaders and a passionate commander

40.  The Gospel - good news - of Christ

42.  Frantic, flurried, flustered, prayers that God hears anyway

41.  A lovely bowl of lovely food to satisfy my gnawing stomach

42.  Pans of beautiful peaches from my grandparents' trees

43.  Songs written and sung by a modern-day Inkling that get better each time 

44.  An America that (for the present) is quite unlike China, and does not limit family size or force abortions and sterilizations on women.

45.  Homemade basil pesto

46.  A Scottish Blacksmith, a Farmer Marine-to-be, an Engineering Thinker, a Programming Wise Man, and a Music-lover.

47.  Being blessed with having the above for my brothers. :-)

48.  The Boundless Challenge - such a growing opportunity!

49.  The crazy times, to help me cherish the quiet times more

50.  Libraries


  1. It's amazing how many little things we have to be thankful for, and so often overlook. Thanks for posting these; I may do some myself...

  2. Modern-day Inkling. Nice term. Andrew Peterson? :)