Thursday, July 29, 2010

Boundless Summer Challenge - Task 14

Life is sacred. Think about it.

  • Spend a few minutes rummaging around Heartlink, a ministry of Focus on the Family that affirms the sanctity of human life.

  • Come up with six reasons why we should be concerned about protecting pre-born life.

  • I've known that abortion existed and is wrong since I was little. Ages ago we went to a rallies and held signs proclaiming the sanctity of life. I've seen some heartrending videos, sat in worldview lectures, and supported Pro-life organizations like Care-Net. But I'm not sure I've ever actually written a list like this. Of course, even one reason should be enough, and there are far more than six. But here are some of the most important reasons we should be concerned about protecting the pre-born:

    1. Conception is the beginning of a life, a human, a soul, a bearer of the image of God. (Psalm 139:13-14, Genesis 1:27)

    2. Each human life is of infinite value to God.  I should value what He values. He showed us that He values life when Christ died for the most unworthy an insignificant of people. 

    3. Christians are are called to defend life, especially for those who cannot defend themselves. (Psalm 82:3, Prov. 31:8)

    4. Abortion is murder, presenting a threat to all life.  Infanticide and regular euthanasia are almost upon us.  Next might be those people who can be accused of posing any sort of bother to society (Christians?).  Here's a quote from Treebeard, a character in The Lord of the Rings, illustrating that we cannot isolate ourselves forever without eventual consequences, and choosing to do right is far better than living with a defeatist or escapist attitude:

    “Of course, it is likely enough, my friends,” he said slowly, “likely enough that we are going to our doom:  the last march of the Ents.  But if we stayed at home and did nothing, doom would find us anyway, sooner or later.  That thought has long been growing in our hearts; and that is why we are marching now.  It was not a hasty resolve.  Now at least the last march of the Ents may be worth a song.”

    5. Abortion hurts the mother. Sin always has consequences and affects more than we imagine. The mothers are victims themselves - emotionally distraught, not supported, scared, lied to.  The abortion industry is a big industry, not interested in providing options or speaking truthfully or actually seeking the best for pregnant women.  These women need our compassion and help and the love of Christ!

    6.  We must never value something for its convenience, or size, or what it can do for us. Lives are being ended quietly every day, without a sound.  It's so atrocious - it's hard to believe, hard to even think about.  It's easy to forget, to only help the people in front of me, to speak for those who might one day do something nice for me in return.  It's easy to feel defeatist about the long battle.  But if we really desire to do things for the least of these, to practice unconditional love, to show we value what God values even when it is tiny and hidden away, then we cannot remain silent.   

    Very convicting.  Lately I haven't taken action or even prayed about what I should be doing to stop abortions and minister to hurting women.  Talking to God about this issue is the least I should be doing! 

    Can you think of other reasons we should be concerned about protecting tiny lives that I haven't listed?

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