Friday, July 16, 2010

(Some of) What I'll Be Doing This Weekend

July 16-18: Relationships Week/Community Week

  1. To wrap up week one's focus on relationships, make plans to spend time with an elderly person this weekend — someone from church, an older family member, someone at the local nursing home, someone from work. Ideally, you'd be with them in person, but if that's just not feasible, it's OK to chat with them on the phone. Sensitively ask them about their relationship successes and failures, and what they've learned from those relationships.
  2. After you've completed this task, write a comment below: Describe your experience spending time with this person and what you were able to learn from them.
  3. To start off the second week of the Challenge's focus on Community, Listen to or read this sermon by Dr. John Piper: "We, Though Many, are one Body in Christ," based on Romans 12:1-8.
  4. After you've completed the reading, write a comment below: What new insights about Christian community did you gain from this sermon?
This is basically two tasks, but we get the whole weekend to do them.  They both look quite enjoyable!  The first thing I must do is to either decide which elderly person to seek out... or to keep my eyes for someone I was going to run into anyways.... I think I'd better start off being strategic, and if God wants to bring a random person into my path instead, I'll try to watch for that opportunity as well.  The rules doesn't say you can't talk with more than one elderly person. ;-)

Cheerio until Monday, or sooner! :-)  I'm off to clean the kitchen and listen to the end of a Tommy and Tuppence mystery!

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