Friday, July 23, 2010

Tasks 10 and 11

Task 10 - Time to Explore Mentorship

This task involved reading about mentors, watching a short video, and then doing one of two things:

1.  If you don't have a mentor, take some steps to get one.
2.  If you're already being mentored, take steps to mentor.

I'm being mentored by my friend Sarah C, so I did the second one.  These were the specific instructions:
  • Make a list of younger adults/teenagers in whom you see potential, and who might benefit from what you've learned over the years.
  • Write down specific things that you would like to share with someone younger than you that you feel would benefit them as they walk through a life stage you've walked through.
So, I did just that in my journal.  I've been thinking about mentoring some younger girls in my church lately, or at least spending time with them one-on-one.  Helping with youth group is fun, and it's been a start to help me get to know some of my younger sisters, but it's hard to get past the surface sometimes in a group. 

As far as specific girls, I made a list, but also I'm going to wait and see if God lays anyone specific on my heart, or (which could be a way He speaks) see who really wants to spend time with me, hehe!  Because I wish I could spend quality time with each girl every week, but that's not very feasible.  And God doesn't ask us to change the world by spreading one person thinly over millions.  A few good relationships, built with shared life and conversations that are deep and long and weighty - this is what He works with. 

So tomorrow morning I'm taking a young lady to get coffee at a local cafe.  Should be fun!

As far as what we shall talk about  - I confess I'm a bit nervous.  I know I have been incredibly challenged and encouraged in the past by mentors who took the time to ask hard questions, and listened intently, helping to dig things out of me I didn't even know were there!  I want to learn to do that.  And to speak words of truth into people's lives, not fluff or meaningless chatter or sermons, but real encouraging words.   I wrote down some of my life experiences I could share, and some things I'd tell my younger self.  But mainly I'm praying for wisdom and quietness, to get to know my little sister better, and know how best to love and encourage her.

I'm just plum excited!  :-)

Task 11: Time to Be a Friend

  • Find someone who doesn't usually go out or who doesn't seem to be very connected with others and invite them out for coffee, or invite them in on your weekend plans.
For this task, I kept trying to think of someone who might be falling by the wayside.  I know they're there.  I've been one.  The problem with trying to find them is .  I'm still praying for open eyes to see those left-out people, and the courage to make an effort to reach out to them. 

But now, I'm going to count my coffee date with the quiet young lady from church tomorrow. She's one of the few homeschoolers in the youth group - most of them either go to public school or the small classical school.   I remember what it was like to feel left out (quite unintentionally, and perhaps unavoidably) of the inner circle of people when I was going to the classical school part time and still homeschooling.  So maybe I can help or encourage her in that area.  I'm so excited for me, too - a younger sister to go to coffee with, who loves fairy tales and beauty and quiet thought!  I'm sure we're very different in many ways, but that will just make things more exciting. ;-) 


  1. I'm excited for you and will be praying for God to guide and direct your time together.

  2. Thanks for the prayers, Chelsa! It went really well! We both had lots of fun, and didn't have any trouble finding things to talk about. And as I should have guessed, I think she encouraged me at least as much as I encouraged her, hehe! We got coffee and muffins at a little cafe, then went to my house to see the jungle garden, and played with out random instruments, and talked books, and went to Barnes and Nobles... such fun! :-) And good conversation about trusting God.