Sunday, July 25, 2010

Andrew Peterson's "Counting Stars"

This came in the mail today.

Walked outside into the evening air to check, because I've been waiting long... and there it was, in crisp manila packaging, waiting behind the other envelopes.  For Rael.  From the Rabbit Room. CD-shaped.

And I jumped up and down like a kid at Christmas in front of our mailbox. And carried my treasure into the house, and let it sit in its cellophane packaging, and did some other stuff. Almost afraid of the first listen, because there can only ever be one.
Finally I did listen, headphones on and lyrics before me, to take in the stories and songs Andy had to tell.

Well told. Beautifully, sorrowfully, full of love and children and ache. Darkness that we cannot shake. Hope that lives on in the night. Stars shining forever beyond Sauron's reach.
Andrew Peterson's done it again. How does he keep writing this stuff that gets better and better? 

I beseech thee, good reader, if you have any love for acoustic and intimate songs that whisper of God through the beauties and sorrows, songs of this world where God waits just around the corner and watches from the blackest sky, ready to hold you up when you've almost forgotten hope - do give this a listen

And then another. 

And another.

Because Andy's music is like that. There can only be one first listen, yes, but like any good story, every song is better with each telling. There's always more to those words than can be caught right off. Listen long enough, and they start to soak into your soul's skin and tell you stuff.

May the telling go on and on until the stars we count with Abraham become breathing things we hold.  

Until faith is sight. 

Until the waiting is over and the Reckoning done.


  1. Love your writing. I'm listening right now. :)

  2. Ok, now don't gasp, but I've never heard of Andrew Peterson! However, with a quick click, click I am now a fan. Beautiful!