Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ah, September. You're here!

September 1st... just saying it thrills me to the bone, for many reasons.  It heralds more fall coming on.  It holds some friends' birthdays.  And, it means in precisely two months, my favorite writing challenge of the year shall begin.

Yep.  National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo.  The 50,000-words-in-a-month challenge.  Click the picture above to see the website and learn more about the madness.

I wrote down a few character ideas tonight, just for fun, and already I want to know what happens with the happy plumber's family and the hardworking, silent young man who lives in their guest house.  They live in the same little town as the Thistlebanes (for those of you who know that family).

I have absolutely no idea of plot yet.  

I do think I have decided to give Melod and Co. a break this year.  I want to venture once again into the weird and wonderful small-town minds, to experience what we call "everyday" happenings, which are so entirely mysterious and unplumbed that we usually don't see them.

Like when we go outside at night to get something from the car, and we forget that there's an upside-down hole right there above us, light-years deep, nothing between us and it but air and clouds and atmosphere, and that only because of a few laws of physics and gravity am I not falling headlong into outer space.

Um, yes.... Probably time to stop writing for tonight.

But I am getting cautiously excited about the approach of the 1st of November.  Time slips by fast, and I have plenty to get in order before frantic noveling ensues!

In other news, AWANA started tonight (hurrah!), and on my way to and from it I experienced an earnest West Texas dust storm, the musty smell of rain in the desert, warm sprinkles of rain, grand rumbles of thunder, and a huge full rainbow. :-)

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