Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Candles, Yawns, Smiles... (121-140)

121. Fire.

122. Candles.

123. Paintings by 2-year-olds.

124. Midnight snack of homemade Chocolate Cheesecake.

125. A gently-drawn smile, jumping out from a sad face in a moment of joy.

126. A patient cashier at HEB.

127. Homemade lemonade in my lunch - in a Mason jar.

128. The satisfaction from organizing bathroom cabinets, bookshelves, stuff for the attic

129. Freedom from stuff as we toss it or give it away
130. Getting to help friends move stuff to their new house on the Ranch.

131. The fun of assembling a little girly bookshelf.

132. Being alone.

133. Not being alone.

134.  Morning sunlight making fallen leaves glow golden

135. Yawns.

136. Toes.

137. The good long phone conversation with my friend Catie, about books, stories, getting tired, Corgies, hospitality, organization, craziness, graduations and weddings, and maybe a visit from her later this month, all the way from New Mexico! :-)

138. A homemaker-hearted Mommy.

139. A God who doesn't give up on us. :-)

140. Younger girls interested in learning homemaking skills, and a possible opportunity to teach them!

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